Flaws: Modified

These grant an additional number of dots to be used on skills or merits. One may buy off said flaws, at the cost of the traits purchased with them. (used to buy Resources 1-3 for example, would cost 12 xp to buy off.)

NOTE: Extra Merit dots may be used to buy higher Power Stats, at the standard cost of 3 dots per point. Buying off that flaw costs what purchasing that level with XP would cost.

    • Flaw Ratings**


Addiction: 1 to 5 depending on substance addicted to.

Amnesia: 2

Coward: 1 to 3 depending on severity.

Forgetful: 1


Crippled: 4

Dwarf: 3

Hard of Hearing: 2

Lame: 2

Mute: 3

One Arm: 2

One Eye: 1

Poor Sight: 1


Aloof: 1

Behavior Blind: 2

Deformity: 1

Embarassing Secret: 1 to 3 depending on the secret. (The more damaging it is, the more it's worth.)

Notoriety: 1

Racist/Sexist: 1 to 3, depending on the severity.

Speech Impediment: 2

Dishonorably Discharged: 4 (Dogs of War pg 40) (May only take with Military Background)

Essence Vessel: 1 to 5 as ST deems. (Book of Spirits pg 111)

Shadow Addiction & Shadow Aversion: Not allowed.

Learning Disability: 2 (Innocents pg 95)

Medicated: Not Allowed.

Nightmares: 1 (Book of the Dead 159)

Headstrong: 3 (The Rage, 105)

Illiterate: 2 (Rites of Spring 98)

Cannibal: 3 (Rites of Spring 98)

Cumbersome: 4 (Rites of Spring 98)

True Tongue: 3 (Rites of Spring 98)

Untrustworthy: 2 (Rites of Spring 98)

Expectations: 1 (Lords over the Damned 107)

Impossible Standards: 2 (Lords over the Damned 107)


Shifter Only Flaws

Anthropocentric: 2 (The Rage, 105)

Bad Regeneration: 4

Poor Sense of Smell: 2

Silver Allergy: 3

Disharmony: 2

Hollywood Syndrome: 1 to 3

Lone Wolf: 1

Materialist: 2


Changeling Only Flaws

Glamor Addict: 3 (Rites of Spring 98)

Manifest Mein: 1 (Rites of Spring 98)

Anachronism: 2 (Rites of Spring 98)


Sin-Eater Only Flaws

Empowered Bane: Only available as Krewe Opt-In

Weakened Attribute: Only available as Krewe Opt-in


Vampire Only

Blood Addiction: 4

Fealty: Only allowed when taking Merits that require it.

Sluggish Vitae: 5

Lost Love: 3

No Fangs: 5

        • Derangements****

Mild: 2 dots

Severe: 4 dots

Supernatural: 5 dots

Custom, Screw you over Derangements: 6+

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